Section 7:
Client Technologies
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Question 7-1
Where can JavaScript code be placed for client site scripting like input form validation ?
Select all correct answers :
a. JSP
b. EJB
c. HTML page
d. Midlet

Question 7-2
In a J2ME context the abbreviation JAD stands for what ?
Select the correct answer :
a. Java Archive Descriptor
b. Java Application Descriptor
c. Java Assignment Description
d. Java Application Deployment

Question 7-3
Which kind of components are deployed on mobile devices like handhelds or cell phones ?
Select the correct answer :
a. Applets
b. Midlets
c. Portlets
d. Servlets

Question 7-4
Which of the following statements about applets are true ?
Select all correct answers :
a. An applet runs on an application server
b. An applet is deployed on mobile devices
c. An applet is downloaded from a web server to the client
d. The client needs a JRE to start an applet
e. The client does not need a JRE to start an applet

Question 7-5
A J2EE application server is needed to run swing applications.
Select the correct answer :
a. The statement is true
b. The statement is false

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