Section 6:
Java Platforms and Integration Technologies
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Question 6-1
Which of the following statements are true ?
Select all correct answers :
a. SQL stands for Structured Query Language
b. JNDI stands for Java Naming and Development Interface
c. JMS stands for Java Message Servlet
d. RMI stands for Remote Method Interaction

Question 6-2
The RMI API is part of the Java 2 Standard Editon (J2SE)
Select the correct answer :
a. The statement is true
b. The statement is false

Question 6-3
Which J2EE service enables applications to look up resources bound to a directory structure ?
Select the correct answer :
a. JMS
b. SQL

Question 6-4
Select the appropriate Java platform for the following described application.
The application relies heavily on swing components and needs no network connectivity.
Select the correct answer :
a. J2ME
b. J2EE
c. J2SE

Question 6-5
On which elements is the J2ME technology based on ?
Select the correct answer :
a. integration environment
b. deployment
c. configuration
d. profile
e. validation
f. set of technology-specific APIs

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